You’re in my thoughts #cardsforukraine

Hello Stamping Friend! It is just after 2pm on a Monday afternoon (in Western Australia) and I am so happy to have an extra day for cardmaking! It is Labour Day in WA and, after a half day of work on Saturday, it feels like Sunday to me! I used the morning for house cleaning (with hubby’s help) and after a few loads I washing, I now have time to catch up on my cardmaking!

Today’s card is to show my support for the Ukraine. I feel if we all use our different passions and talents to show our support, it put out so much good in the world! For all Ukrainians and for those of you have friends and family there, you are in our thoughts!

(Click on the images below for a list of the products I used as well as instructions)

I used Stampin’ Clear Block C to stamp the watercolour background. Create a smaller background while you are at it, to die cut a little heart.

I am slowly using more of my Stampin’ Blends to colour… I used the SU800 Stampin’ Blend to colour the hands from the Here Together Stamp Set (the colour mostly resemble my skin tone) but there are so many choices in the Natural Tone Stampin’ Blends Collection, that you can easily match your skin tone too!

Tip! I always layer up when it comes to intricate dies. Next time cut two of the same die and use Multipurpose Liquid Glue to adhere the two layers. This way the die cut is sturdy and it adds more dimension.

Block stamping is not new to the cardmaking world, but definitely a great look!

Tip! Wait for one colour to dry before you add another colour (unless you want the colours to mix and form a new colour).

As always, I am so grateful that you stopped by! If you’re reading this? Thank you for sticking to the end!

Take care and happy stamping!

Melodie XX

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